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Roho Agility Demo, severe back spasms

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  • Roho Agility Demo, severe back spasms

    Quick sum up, 1 1/2yrs. ago my DME screwed up my chair in too many ways to count, one being that an 16" back was put on my 17" chair, which meant I had a "wheelchair corset" for 1 1/2yrs. BCBS finally gave up on trying to get them to fix it and pre-auth'd a custom Roho back.
    *Yea*After a month of emailing and realizing I knew more about Roho than my rep., my demo was today. ATP hoped I'd fall in love w/a carbon back, I told him after talking to Roho I discovered the carbon back didn't have the depth adj. I needed so I'd love to see one, but believed I'd be ordering a custom mid which is why I asked for a demo of both a min and mid back, to feel the difference in height and show/discuss w/PT. It's the reason we met at/with a very hard to get in seating specialist PT who designs custom backs.
    Showed up ready to party and got really concerned when I only saw 2 boxes next to the ATP. DH, "Give him credit, maybe he left the other demo in the car". No such luck. ATP only brought a Min. Carbon Agility and it is 16", 18" w/padding, instead of the 13" I had asked for...
    First thoughts, 18" of Carbon Fibre is GORGEOUS!! Absolutely this is a beautiful back. However, my 5'4" short torso is drowning in this thing. DME asked me to give it until Fri, I said I would, figuring I would at least get used to having height on the back. I'm having severe back spasms. I feel like I've been rear ended, back spasms. I'm also not getting much support from the min contour/roho air bladders. ATP played it off as, "Everyone says they want back support, but have you ever used a lumbar support in the car on a long car ride? It's comfortable for 10min. and that's it. Sitting is going to be painful no matter what, your nerves are fried". Umm...WTF
    The back feels less cushioned to me compared to my ADI but maybe I have the wrong impression of an Agility back? I thought the cushion on the back was going to be like a column like the chair cushion where it takes off pressure on your spine, you "float in it". Maybe I need a Mid back to have a depth to sink into?
    Trouble shooting anyone? Back spasms from lack of support ? Can too tall of a back cause spasms? 5" was added from my previous chair and demo is 3" above scapula.
    Thank you in advance. I know enough to know I don't know and my ATP was cutting my PT off whenever she tried to intervene.

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    Can I take a quick guess was your dme well I don’t want to completely say it but did there name have a motion in it lol. If so I can get you thousand that had nothing but problems


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      look at the mx2 carbon rep
      c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
      sponsored handcycle racer


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        I got the jay2 back had for 18 years no problems except it looks and is beat up and the net cover is off but hey it works


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          I have the aluminum version of the back, at 8". Never ever will I have too tall a back again. I had back pain, and posture issues. I LOVE this back, and I sit straight, and it gives me great range of motion, I feel so much freer. For me the contour is great positioned down low as it is