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Spider Track Versus Front Wheel Drive

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  • Spider Track Versus Front Wheel Drive

    Before I purchased my new power wheelchair, possibly a Quickie I wanted to seek some advice from people who already have similar wheelchairs. I've been using Permobil for the last 20 years nearly and they have had front wheel drive. Has anybody switched over to mid-wheel and spider track? If so, do you regret your decision or are you pleased you did so? One thing that puts me off spider track slightly is I think the small wheels could well catch in divots and holes if you are going over rough ground.
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    I'be had chairs back to chain driven and found that just have to adapt and get use to different drive wheel placements.
    Spider, I'm taking as Centerwheel drive with front and rear castors with suspension. Kinda like when Invace started with M Series and my Quantum 6000. Worst part is getting use to backing and getting high centered. We live in rural setting, no sidewalks except ones had built around our home and parking tray when home built as well as no crub at driveway entering street level. Being rural most have a steep kinda crub to keep water out of drive way. We live on hill so no problem with walk getting up our driveway. But neighbors I have gotten high centered with drivewheels spinning in air. Have to either get running go backwards with articulating footboard raised so will not drag on payment to get up crub at their driveways.
    A;so, don't know if you use a lift or ramp for entering van. But, I use Sprinter van with lift. Took bit getting use to rear castors turning one direction compared to opposite direction. I just looked at it as a learning curve and took awhile to get use to.
    Did once get Center Drivewheels spinning in air in a department store early on. Backing up hit a post and speed going was pushed up post til center wheels provided no movement. Took a shove by anouther customer to get drivewheels back in contact with floor.
    If you like Off solid surface with your chair you might check out AmySystem AllTrack R3's if aviable in UK. Not true RWD but less learning curve than CWD, IMHO.
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      Mid wheel drive: 6 wheels on ground and they all hit bumpy stuff = rough ride. Front casters twist around when reversing direction = damage to doorway if that's where you stopped. Slightly smaller turn radius but this is only an advantage in a crowded elevator. Gets stuck easy outdoors (4 casters high side drive wheels). Best suited for ALL smooth indoor surfaces only (raised thresh holds = not smooth).
      Front drive: Smoother ride over small bumps. Less chance of getting stuck. No front casters to destroy doors or doorways.

      I have 2 Permobil C300's, a C500 set up for street, and my newest chair is a M300 (center drive). I have a small M31 center drive in my van (my lift won't pick up a Permobil) that I use for shopping. So I thought I'd like a center drive Permobil. Nope. I parked the M300 after 6 months of use (142 miles) due to it almost destroying my house, rough ride, and it not being outdoor friendly. I keep my C300's repaired as best I can myself. I want to sell my M300 dirt cheap. If it doesn't sell I'll use it for donor parts.

      The Permobil F3 (new front drive) is said to has a smaller foot print and better in tight spaces than C300's. I hope to get an F3 in a few months despite reliability issues I've read. The new Corpus 3G seats don't fit me as well as the older seats. I plan to fettle with that issue.
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        Why are you doing this? Despite not being perfect, my experience is that Permobil drive quality vastly exceeds Quickie.