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eggsitter cushion i saw on tv

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  • eggsitter cushion i saw on tv

    might be good in the car any thoughts
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    They use one of those soma shower chair and it seems to work good, although it holds a lot of water but I don't know about using it as a regular cushion
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      If you're just looking for a little more comfort and protection versus a car seat (lol-not the baby kind), I'd say it would be fine, and it doesn't break the bank.
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        I'd worry about heat factor.
        Price you might check local Walmart online for your store or in store on 'As seen on TV' aisle. Think our local price is about $20.


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          Regarding "might be good in the car ..." -
          for drivers who drive while seated in the vehicle's seat (i.e., not seated in their wheelchair), and for some passengers seated on the vehicle's seat, the cushion's thickness may position you a bit higher than you prefer. In some cases, a cushioned automobile seat needs only the tiniest bit of additional cushioning. In those same cases, approximately 0.7 of an inch may be all that is needed, and that tiny difference can maintain a desirable seating height in an automobile.