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    I am remarkably bad at this, and wonder if anyone has any tips.

    1. I have a problem getting saliva in the straw. I bend it so that it comes out toward of my nose and then comes down to my mouth, and that helps, but once I get a little saliva in there I have to blow harder and the problem just snowballs.

    2. I can?t figure out quite where to hold it. I would like just to use it inside my lips, but that blocks the holes. So I try right inside my lips, but I can?t seem to be precise enough with strength.

    3. I think I finally am mastering remembering the functions. I will share later the rules I remember to do things, but I?d be interested in anyone?s tips for that.
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    Try bringing it the opposite direction so that the end of the straw is near the roof of your mouth behind the tip of your tongue. I find this is the area where it is easiest to regulate intra oral pressure. It is also the area where saliva is less likely to accumulate and enter the straw.