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  • Help With Ordering a TiLite ZRA...

    Hi all,

    I have secondary progressive MS and I'd like to replace my heavy Quickie GT with a TiLite ZRA. I also have a power chair so this will be a cash purchase. My Quickie specs (from the serial number) show it having a 21 inch front seat height but I measure it at 20.5. The rear seat height is 18 inches. The seat depth is 18 inches with 1 inch of extra frame length. I think this is too much chair for me as I'm only about 5ft, 10.5 inches tall with a butt to back of knee measurement of 20 inches and my bottom of knee to heel measurement is 18 inches. I have trouble transferring to this chair as I'm often transferring upwards to the seat cushion that's only two inches thick. Even the transfers that are from high to low, like when I transfer from my bed to the chair, the extra frame length ends up under my thigh and tries to lift my leg and slide me off the bed before I can transfer. This chair just seems too high and maybe even too long in places. I've been talking to a DME and I have a CAD from TiLite but it's going to require some revisions as it's essentially just the same specs as my old chair.

    I?m thinking front seat height should be at most 19.5 or 20 inches but I?d love to get the opinions of the folks here as to what the appropriate chair specs might be for my body measurements. I've read through a lot of the earlier posts and the amount of shared experience & expertise here is impressive!

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    There isn't really a specific enough question here to support much feedback IMO. My butt to back of knee is a couple inches more than yours and I use a 16" seat depth, but so many other variables are in play that make this fit me well. I can also fit a 17" deep seat perfectly if the footrest is farther out (+1" frame or wider front angle, etc), and/or it has less dump. I can't run a front seat height more than 19" and still fit under stuff. I use a ~3" cushion though. It so very much depends and there just isn't enough info to go on here. Also, fair warning, that ZRA will more than likely be as heavy as the GT.
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      Sorry I can't figure out your level of disability and the width of your wheelchair. But it seems some of this issue is transfer related.

      That is, do you use a transfer board?

      Also, have you considered adjusting the height of the bed? Is a power bed something you could use - to set the level you need to do gravity transfers in and out of bed?
      I am 5'1" and my TiLite is 15" rear height and I believe 18" high in front. I had to go with a power bed several years ago after major health issue and loss of easy transfer skills. Part of the bed was Medicare covered.
      I also have extra frame length but with the transfer board placed just so, it does not cause problems.