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Reclining chair backs manual chairs? Avoiding AD triggers chair tollerance

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    Reclining chair backs manual chairs? Avoiding AD triggers chair tollerance

    I am trialing an Agility back in a few weeks. I have a T 5/6 lesion, discovered 6mos. ago and my blood pressure has still not stabilized when I'm in my manual chair for more than 6 hours. A bit of history. I have a Tilite ZRA 1 1/2 years old, spec. based on my M.S needs before a lesion was in the picture, I'm wondering if the angles, 85 degrees, could be making it worse? My daughters are Cheerleaders, yesterday was their first competition this year. Dreaming of this day helped me make it through rehab. I was in desperate straights sitting in my chair after 8hrs. Clonidine didn't work, I was sweating on one side, goosebumps, blurry vision, red face etc. Once I got back to the car and could adjust the car seat back so I was slightly adjusted at an angle the pounding went away (soon to be replaced w/the rebound pounding). I'm still trying to figure out how to avoid AD. I had 3 strokes this summer, spending 104 days in the hospital and rehab. Doctors finally figured out the strokes were caused by Autonomic Dysreflexia Drs. failed to recognize/treat. I have Hemiparesis w/minor paralysis.
    Anyway, my family lives a busy life and I'm sure there has to be a chair back out there that allows me to sit for the day w/o triggering my AD, or is that just a tolerance learned? The LAST thing I want is to trigger another stroke...
    Can anyone give me ideas I haven't thought of?
    Thank you for your expertise.
    -Murphys Law

    AD is rarely triggered by your chair, unless you have incorrect seating configuration or cushion. AD causes high (not low) blood pressure, and although rare in MS, it has been reported.

    What are you doing for weight shifts when seated? You should be getting at least a 3 minute weight shift every 30 minutes (1 minute every 10 is ideal). Not doing weight shifts sufficiently can also trigger AD.

    Have you had a formal seating evaluation by an expert PT or OT (not a DME rep) for both your cushion and chair back support? That would be the place to start.

    The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


      What the nurse said. Then check the basics- Does the waist band of you pants, cut in, shoes too tight, etc. Check you whole body after you've spent a hour in the chair for any red marks.
      Talk to an SCI qualified doctor.
      Check your blood pressure on a regular basis.
      At the first sign of AD, change something your doing, until it goes away. Don't suffer threw it. Won't help your family if you drop dead in the middle of the picnic.


        Quickie has a new manual chair, I think the R7, that has 3 back positions that can be changed while seated.
        T3 complete since Sept 2015.


          I'm sorry it took me so long to reply. I had a long-awaited neurologist appointment yesterday and hoped for more insights. My neurologist of 8yrs. retired while I was in the hospital and their front office/scheduling is a mess so this was an appointment w/a new neuro. After going through everything, he said "As severe as your Paralysis is, I'm surprised they didn't do more tests". He ordered a bunch of bloodwork and reffered me to cardiologist and the University hospital Stroke/M.S specialist in our area. My husband and I are grateful to be pointed in the right direction, but, every time I hear a Doctor say paralysis I hop back onto the 4 stages of denial hamster wheel. It's been months and it's still not real until a doctor says it's real...I digress.... Sci-Nurse one part of the appointment was strange, in the hospital and rehab my reflexes were so hyper, my immediate MRI was blurry because my leg kept spasming. At this last appointment, I had a lack of reflexes. What can cause this?

          SCI-Nurse, I don't believe I've been doing weight shifts correctly. I was told to move every 10-20, and do a push up using my fenders, but was not holding it for any amount of time. Wow. Thank you, that's something I can easily change. I have a eval. w/PT, ATP and ROHO rep in about a week. I'm hoping they'll be able to help solve my chair dilemma, I'd post a picture here if I knew how.I believe part of the problem is I had an idiot of a DME order a 10" (instead of 13") 16" instead of 17" carbon ADI back a year ago for my dream chair. The curve/sides dig in to my sides because it's too narrow, I try to sit in such a way that I'm not contacting the sides but I'm aware if they dig in it can cause a problem. My husband's very concerned about me flying until we figure this out.

          Baldfatdad, I feel like a crazy person covered in fire ants at the first sign of it. Suddenly my husbands brushing my clothes, checking my waist, taking off my shoes etc. I feel like I'm at the carnival and the thermometer keeps going up and it's a puzzle we have to figure out before the bell dings.

          Mize, I shudder at my personal experience w/Quickie, BUT that's very very tempting. I went to the movies w/my family for the first time since this a few weeks ago and went through my bag of tricks finding a sweet spot to make it through 2hrs.

          Thank you all for your advice! This forum has been a wealth of knowledge. Thank you for letting me vent, I thought M.S was big, but this is a new world to navigate and I feel lost.
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