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Ride Custom vs. new Ride Custom 2 experience?

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  • Ride Custom vs. new Ride Custom 2 experience?

    Had a seating clinic a few weeks back and just ordered a new chair. I've been slowly having curvature in my spine and posture has been wonky causing discomfort. I thought I could wedge up my right side to counteract but it has only proven to be a mild help. So with the new chair I'm switching from custom cushion to the custom 2. I did sit on it at the clinic and it, along with a different back seemed to help significantly. I am hopeful the new rig will get me straightened up. My seating specialist is awesome at what she does.

    Has anyone switched from the Ride custom to the new custom 2? Experiences? Plus/minuses?

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    I tried it. It is too heavy. The original you can manage to move in and out of the car with one hand. You can't do that with the new one. The cover is twice as thick. But then again, that may be what you need.


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      I'm still trying to get a handle on what the differences mean from the standpoint of the types of outcomes I can expect. The new material is much more compressible than the older Brock material and the rear cantels can no longer be adjusted using the strap system. They switched to the same wedges they use with the Java cushion. The new cover should reduce sheer, but it is more stretchable. This makes it more difficult to determine whether there is enough offloading using the Ride gauges.