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    what do u quad use I love the battery operate but no warning quit after 3 I am thru had a black in decker but its.... so I am buying a hand 1 and my care giver can open but it frustrating

    I buy most cans with pull tops but some////

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    This is what I got and love.

    It is easy to get the can into position. It locks the can in, so that it doesn't just fall when it is done. It cuts the side, so that there aren't any sharp edges to cut you. It is heavy enough, so that it doesn't topple with the can weight. The lid stays with the can, when done, so there is less "spillage" when releasing the can.

    Cons: You have to lift the lever to release the can, while at the same time, keeping the can from falling (or, I guess you could just let it drop). Like the battery ones that side cut, the lids can be a bit hard to separate from the can at times.

    I've had mine for 5 years without any issues. It replaced the battery ones that spun around the top of the can, but that kept crapping out. Those battery ones were great, since the can stayed on the counter, but I just got tired of replacing them.
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      We have a Tornado. Battery operated thing. Set it on the can ( it has a magnetic center), push the button and Ta DA. It cuts the can on the side so you can put the lid back on.

      Cost $20 but works better than the old one that was $7.


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        I had and loved the battery operated but they died and then good luck getting them off with oout screwing it up but I cheated today I bought the old fashion kind I will just plan ahead and have caretaker open
        I may try that tornado it says you can get it off if dies


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          I believe you are saying that you can't take the opener off the can if it stops running? You can with this tornado. I think because it cuts the side of the can, not the top.