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Veteran says Del Mar company owes him thousands for broken-down tank-like wheelchair

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  • Veteran says Del Mar company owes him thousands for broken-down tank-like wheelchair

    Veteran says Del Mar company owes him thousands for broken-down tank-like wheelchair

    By Andrew Dyer
    San Diego Union-Tribune
    Sept. 26, 2018

    A Del Mar company took down its website and Facebook page and had its Twitter account suspended last week after an Oklahoma veteran came forward and accused the company of failing to refund him more than $10,000 for almost two years.

    Coty Melancon, a disabled Air Force veteran, purchased a $16,600 tank-like wheelchair from Del Mar-based Iron Horse Devices in December 2016. He did so with $12,000 from the Semper Fi Fund charity, plus $3,700 raised on GoFundMe.

    Melancon received his chair on Dec. 23, 2016. He said the chair functioned as advertised at first, then broke down soon after it was delivered. Melancon said he faced months of delays and shifting explanations from the company, then reached out to his local television station in Oklahoma.

    The rest of this story:

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    I question if the vendor was preying on the disabled. Perhaps it's exactly the opposite. I've been in situations like this before - I am presently in the middle of one right now with a van conversion - where the vendor tries to bend over backward to help the disabled and in the process bites off more than they can chew.Not saying that the vendor can ditch their responsibility. Just saying that there is more to this than the human aspect. There is the engineering aspect. Any engineer knows that a prototype will probably fail in some way. The more complicated, the more the chances of failure. It can take several iterations to make a product reliable. If you've never done it before, $16K is a drop in the bucket to get it right.

    On a different note, George Carlin made a wise comment. He said there's a simple solution to not having your needs met. Drop some of those needs. Gave up on off-roading a long time ago. I'm a happier and healthier person for it too. Seriously, how many people with a mature spinal cord injury go off-roading any more?


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      Typical Brad...Owner of, TC Moblity, Mongo Chair Staying a step ahead of the law and sold crappy technology to another company only to have them resale the same garbage !!!!