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    Thinking I need to be making the switch to a vehicle with a ramp. The shoulders and back are just not liking lifting my Tilite anymore. I intend to transfer to drivers seat not drive from my chair. Total newbie with this and need to ask some stupid questions. I really am looking at wanting an adapted SUV. Just not a van person.

    1.) can I find a non converted used Honda Pilot or Ford Explorer and can they convert after the fact? Seems if they can it would be the cheaper way to go. I?m in sticker shock here. Saw on YouTube the ?old? style Honda Pilot was converted and loved it. Can?t seem to find the manufacturer of that conversion. I know VMI is doing the newer Honda Pilots but not sure I can afford that.

    2.) seems like Voc Rehab would be my main source of assistance with the conversion part. But I?m seeing many states have limitations on the mileage and how old the vehicle is. Getting any help from Voc Rehab has not been successful even though I am trying to find work just haven?t had luck but I also need a car to do so. So are there any other funding sources I?m not aware of. I?m not SCI I have Spina Bifida.

    3.) Anyone have an adapted SUV? How do they do in snow? overall pros and cons?

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    If you end up having to buy on your own, go used. There are a lot of low-milage adapted vans on the market if you search; often because the owner has died. When my mother passed, we sold her adapted Dodge Caravan van to friends from her MS group for a ridiculously low price.

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      Strongly suggest you visit a mobility dealer and try to push yourself up one of their display vehicles. I'm a lot older than you and progressively lost strength in my shoulders - but I had a very difficult time pushing up the ramp on a minivan when my shoulders were still good. Some folks use their zx1 or power chair to get into the minivan, and I have heard of someone using a pully device.