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Can Round Berry spokes be fitted on to SPinergy LX Wheels

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  • Can Round Berry spokes be fitted on to SPinergy LX Wheels

    Hi all,

    I've been lurking for some time, reading up on various TiLite experiences here.

    I'm now about to place a ZRA order with the anodised burnt-orange package - optimally, I would like to fit burnt-orange spokes to the Spinergy LX wheels, but they only offer bright orange spokes which don't match; Round Betty do sell burnt-orange spokes - does anyone know if those spokes will fit on to Spinergy LX wheels, or would I need to buy Round Betty wheels?

    With thanks.

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    Won't fit. Need their wheels. RB spokes are a proprietary hollow design.
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      Yeah, makes sense - gonna order my chair without the LX and add the RB's. Thanks for the confirmation!