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Thanks Tom, from another satisfied customer

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  • Thanks Tom, from another satisfied customer

    I ordered a new heavy duty cover for my roho cushion over a month ago. When asked for the size, I didn?t hesitate to order one in the same size as the cushion, made total sense. When I got it and put it on, it seemed too baggy. It didn?t offer as much support on the sides and more importantly, I was afraid it would get pinched on the rear of the seat?s pivot point of my standing chair. So I sent an email to Tom Borcherding asking if I chose the correct size because it didn?t seem right. Tom wrote back asking for my cushion size and saying he would check to see if a smaller cover would fit better. He eventually wrote back and asked for my mailing address. A few days later I received a new smaller size cover in the mail and it fits perfectly.

    We all order a lot of stuff, hoping we?ll be happy with the purchase. The more expensive the item, the more research we do and cautiousness in our approach. Heck, that?s why forums like this can be extremely valuable when we have questions on a product. Occasionally, it doesn?t work out and hope the manufacturer will make it right. Tom could have written back saying the size I ordered was correct and I would have been fine with the response. He went above and beyond. It?s rare that we get this kind of customer service, especially from someone that high up the food chain. In fact, I can count on one hand how many times it?s happened to me. So I want to thank Tom for not only providing excellent customer service, but taking time out of his schedule to monitor this forum and answering our questions. I actually have a question about my standing chair I need to ask you.