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  • Interesting ZR Customization

    I was scrolling through ebay and came across this listing

    I've never seen this before, other than looks, what is the purpose of the change?

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    Looks like it was an early custom. In the early days of Tilite, they would do custom stuff like this all the time with little or no up charge.


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      Originally posted by rockbybay View Post
      other than looks, what is the purpose of the change?
      I'd wager the person who ordered this chair used it more as a mobile seat rather than a wheelchair. The lack of a footplate suggests it was foot-propelled. Likely a stroke victim or single-leg amputee. I could be wrong.

      Nice bends tho... I hope it finds a good home. I see too many people in need of such a simple solution in the most terrible contraptions, usually unbeknownst to that person struggling to get by with what a medical professional has deemed adequate.


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        I would speculate, that the original owner/user was tall and wanted a low seat height. Those legs have to go forward or get tucked back. (notice short seat upholstery, so calves don't rub) It looks like it had a footplate and it got worn off.