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Hole in my Roho Quatro

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    Check with local junk yards for the door motor. Check Rock


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      Originally posted by Rustyjames View Post
      Sorry for hijacking the thread too, but we might as well finish it out. I bought a aftermarket seat motor for peanuts and it works fine. And that's the motor that slides the seat back and forth, with my weight in it. Opening and closing a sliding van door is equivalent to next to nothing as far as load. You have to remember, Ricon doesn't manufacture motors, same with Braun and others.
      This is great to know. One motor finally failed. It is the one that swivels the transfer seat. Right now I am swiveling manually. I was about to order a replacement motor and got to thinking. Why? Swiveling manually is easy and it's one less thing to fail.


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        If I recall you have a Ricon transfer seat, so the swivel motor is the same as the slide. They're cheap and easy to find, but you have to tap threads into the three bolt bosses. But I agree, if you can do it manually that's the way to go, one less motor to worry about.