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    Weird. I have yet to get the chair still. They ordered the H weld footplates, and a different back. What didn't you like about the one you demo'd? The aluminum ? I do have a case manager, and really should be able to get the chair that works for me. But I may have to keep this one, since it's Medi-cal and Community Health Group. I don't see how they would allow me to get a whole different brand/chair. I am hopefully being compensated from being hit by a car, to replace the chair I'm in. So I could get another TiLite.


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      IMHO, I think you should get another TiLite, because they/you already have the dimensions from the last one, so it really can be tweaked to perfection and you'll be happy.


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        This chair is worth a look:

        I especially like the huge amount of adjustment for the front caster as the arm is not fixed like most chairs. You can have a wide or narrow front foot print or raise them up or down.


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          So I finally got the chair delivered yesterday. It fits much better, the first frame. Turns out they were BSing when they said Ki Mobility would not continue to help ensure it fits properly. They will, they're awesome. However, the foot to seat height is exactly the same as my TiLite, which I emphasized repeatedly was not up high enough. So, this is not up high enough either. They had an H welded footplate custom made, and my feet reach, but my knees should be higher. The Roho Agility back is not right for me, but I am getting a low profile one that's like the carbon, only aluminum, that's just coming out. So fingers crossed. A very weird thing is the casters do flutter if I go fast, and they stick on rotating, but when I'm out of it they're very loose. One even jiggles. I don't get that. But the COG and dump make me feel in the chair not on it finally. Much easier to propel!!
          I bet they're going to have to do risers. But then the FreeWheel won't work. So trying to think of something else. So strange that having Spina Bifida and hence short legs is not well accommodated by the manufacturers of chairs!


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            Originally posted by heartdog View Post
            So strange that having Spina Bifida and hence short legs is not well accommodated by the manufacturers of chairs!
            I hear you, but am on the other end of it...long legs are not well accommodated either. Guess they go to the average.

            Every time I have been fitted for a chair, manual or power, it is always the same story..."Man, you have loooong legs!"