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Varilite or roho?

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    Varilite or roho?


    I am currently in the process of getting a new chair. I am think about new seating system.

    I currently own ADI ride back and Varilite evolution cushion which I like very much.

    I am trying out Roho Agility for the backrest soon.

    I am still unsure about cushion. I tried the Roho high profile recently which I don't like.

    I always inflate my varlite all the way up.

    I am trying out Harmony from Roho and a gel cushion soon.

    Should I try out Varlite zoid and Roho low profile next?

    I never get any pressure mapping done. Therapist always just check my skin. They all said I have no skin issue.

    I have a lot of muscle pain and numb and tinglingness .

    Any thought to share?

    Thanks and sorry for the little rant.

    Personally I think it all comes down weather or not you can do you own complete weight shift if you can I prefer the varilites as there is no pump to carry around or cell imprints to dent your skin.


      Varilite is probably one of the lightest cushions available, if weight is a consideration. ROHO is pretty heavy.


        Worth a try
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          My husband has a Varilite Evolution and more recently a Vicair Vector 02. Although he is not SCI, he has pretty heavy hemiparesis and is at risk of pressure sortes. He likes them both, and both are very light weight. What is nice about the Vicair 02 is that you can wash it in the machine.
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            Thanks to everyones input. I've already decided to go with Blake medical Platinum and their silverback max.


              Almost 40 years C5/6 quad...Tried lots of cushions over the years, if not too late check out Roho Hybrid Elite. Combo foam front + sides & air cell for the butt. The most comfortable I've ever had & still allow easy transfer.
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