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  • New Roho cushion

    I just got a new roho quatro cushion and set it up today and sat in it most of the day after i got out of the chair both areas were my bones are were all the way down and don?t come back up? It was fine when i got it checked when i was sitting up and my skin was fine just the cushion in print on my butt. I thought the cushion nubs are supposed to be up and inflated all the time? I do have a very boney butt. Any information would be great!

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    I am a newbie but have a Roho cushion on my chair for the last two months., I have the one with the "switch" on the front for the two different sections in the cushion. I have played with it a bit and was just mapped. The map looked pretty good but I am trying a little bit more air in the cushion as there was a tiny spot on my right butt bone which showed some higher pressure. With that said when I get out of my chair the air sacks are all somewhat inflated but the tops of them are "wrinkly". To me is sounds like you do not have enough air in the cushion but it is hard to say without seeing it. Have you been mapped with the new cushion?



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      Hi Ty,

      I'm with Permobil Seating / ROHO. Please call me and we'll get this sorted out. I suspect it is a cushion set up issue, but we'll see. My direct number is 618.222.3505. If you get my voice mail, please leave your call back number.


      Tom Borcherding