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Wet/dry robot vacuum?

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  • Wet/dry robot vacuum?

    We have three big dogs and a nice, roll-in shower where they'll sleep on hot days. I'd like to get a robot vacuum cleaner to reduce pretty hair on my wheels, but I'm afraid residual water on that shower floor would tend to damage most vacuums. Avoiding that part of the floor is an option, but that's one area where I'd really like to remove pet hair.

    Are any of the better robot vacuums compatible with a damp floor?
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    Look at the Irobot site. They use to have a robot mop (for lack of a better word). I only have read about them that they need to have the water changed often and dumped out often. There also use to be a Garage version that could handle bigger amounts of trash.


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      I got the bObi robot vac/mop for dog hair on my hardwood floors. It works great for the price, which isn't as much as most mop combos out there. I would check it it out, I got the Snow White one. Or if you don't mind spending a bit more you could go for a Roomba, they give a better clean. But the bObi was good for me.