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  • Panthera S3/U3/Y3

    Looking for my first chair....Lightweight, anti-tip, manual active chair.
    Looked at TiLite but that started getting heavy after adding all the bits.
    Tried the Panthera U3 yesterday which was very light and easy to push - looking favourite up to now.
    The U3 light can't have anti tippers so that ruled that out.
    Panthera X too expensive.
    The OT recommends the Y3 so I'm now looking for any users that can offer me positive feedback on the Panthera's please?
    I have MS and muscle fatigue is my main issue, along with being MS Pissed (balance).


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    Kev, my ZRA is quite light, it just depends in how you configure it. The Spinergy Carbon wheels weight almost nothing and there is a deal on them right now with the Tilite chairs. I have a birth defect and back issues and am VERY limited in what I can lift, plus I'm a very small person. I don't think they make a chair I could comfortably lift but the ZRA I can use completely independently with some discomfort. Looking at the Panthera U3 that you liked the difference between my ZRA and their lightest version of the U3 is maybe 3-4 pounds. The ZR is a bit lighter. Just a thought, hope you find a chair you love!


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      Hi Kev,

      It sounds like both you and my son are speaking to the same suppliers in Perth! My son has used an Icon for the last 6 years, and that will continue to get used. But we are also looking into a new chair for him, and the options are similar to yours - he has recently tried a U3 lite (he doesn’t need anti-tips), and he will be trying a ZRA and possibly another couple of TiLites. He did have a ZRA prior to his Icon. It had a couple of issues, but the primary problem was that the supposed experts decided to order the chair for growth, so it was always far too big for him.

      I was told that the ZRA is actually slightly lighter than the U3 lite, but I need to do my own research on that, as I no longer believe it when I get told things like comparisons aren’t always easy to find.

      I will say that the U3 supplier in Perth (in Wembley...I assume that’s who you are dealing with) is great. They wouldn’t still be offering them if there was a problem with them. Part of our selection process will take the relevant supplier into account, and they are top of the list.
      Gordon, father of son who became t6 paraplegic at the age of 4 in 2007 as a result of surgery to remove a spinal tumour.


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        Thanks for the info - Yes, the Wembley supplier win the best option for me with the Y3 + Smart Drive.
        It was lighter after the back and cushion were taken into account.
        Thanks again,
        Here's hoping I have picked right one.