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    I've been looking for a low-cost diy power-assist option for some time now and this seems perfect. For what I'll use this for, I don't need to go super fast. I plan on making the bracket myself with the help of a friend. Am I correct in assuming that you would have to have a scooter that the power is controlled at the handlebars? I don't see how it would work otherwise.


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      Thinking further, I have my vectors backwards! The thrust expressed on the foot plate tubing would be expressed by the pin or bolt that closes the third side of the laid down "U" bracket as the scooter tows the chair.
      That wouldn't be very good over time, and the thin-wall titanium tubing would loose the contest!
      If moving the bracket back a couple inches wouldn't be ungainly for the rider, the "U" could face forward, possibly with a delrin liner to keep the titanium happy, and one could wheelie over the bracket then pus or self propel the scooter to seat them.
      My latest Ti, Medicare aluminum spcl, the footplate would need to be modified as it has upward curved sides that nearly touch the down-tubes. It wouldn't be a big deal to cut out the front corners to create horizontal tubing for the hitch. I bet split plastic bushings of several materials could be snapped over the Ti tubing and left there.
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        Someone I met while his wife was in rehab designed this:

        As far as I know he does have distributors in both the USA and UK
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