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Rovi X3 vs Quantum Q6

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  • Rovi X3 vs Quantum Q6

    So im picking up some power mobility and have these two in my garage. So far the X3 is in the lead, lot smoother over rocks and roots. Anybody have some real world experience with these units?

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    Hey Shaun, LONG time no see! I bought a Quantum Q6 a couple of years back from a woman off ebay. Had to drive 6 hours to pick it up and bring it home, but for 400 bux for an almost new chair, it was a great deal. They work great indo0rs and flat surfaces, but outside on uneven ground tend to get stuck a lot. Not good in mud nor sand. As far a quality goes, haven't had any problems with mine. I used it to drag/remove and install another rear end in my truck back in 2016. I use it to work mostly, though I have done a little sightseeing out the dirt/caliche roads here in TX where I live now. I avoid using it when there is mud so I don't get stuck again. It has a total of 416 miles now,132 of them here in the desert. Mine is the base lift, tilt nor recline. Justa easy way to get around and carry stuff.


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      Guess I missed the post til today. I have a older Quantum Q6, guess it's bit over 5 years old.
      Like other poster I bought out-of-pocket. Family of lady sold it and she had not put hardly more than couple miles on it. It was pretty loaded with powered seating system and tags still on it from DME. They wanted rid of it, just sitting in hallway and sold for about $200.
      I never get off solid surfaces unless by accident.
      Cons: articulating footplate drags easy, have elevate to clear curb up/down or they scrubs on pavement or concrete, same on most ramps.
      Took me awhile get use 6 wheels on ground, slapping back set often, especially at first into objects. Guess chalk up to learning curve.
      Plus slow operation on speed of actuators for seat functions and having scroll through joystick to seating control.
      Hopefully this has changed or hopefully you get separate control besides using joystick for seating functions.
      Pros: Compact, narrow wheel hub to wheel hub distance.
      Turnings well in small area, once you get use 6 wheel thingy.
      Had no mechanical problems with chair nor with powered seating systems either(so far, Knock Wood!). I replaced cushions when got it with using one of my old ROHO Quadtro Cushions and have Ottobock Backrest.
      Our old DME gave it a look over, adjusted seating height and joystick setting for me when got it.

      I don't know anything about a Rovi.
      "Good Luck!"


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        Pride chairs are junk and be bought on line for next to nothing...lots of cheap parts and doesn't take much for them to break or motors burn out