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    Originally posted by Automotive Innovations View Post
    The Ricon Uni-Lite is a great lift.

    Most of the older lifts are easily
    serviced (when you know how to) and in many cases work better than newer lifts.

    more of the problems come from people not knowing how to figure out whats wrong and fix the lift properly.


    amen I am still trying to convince them to read the dam troubleshooting guide wher it say in testing use the dang button they need to use a test light while I am holding up botton so they can see what is not 12v

    but crap why read directions


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      Originally posted by August West View Post
      Keep it small and simple. Electrical lifts are smaller and simpler than hydraulics. Ricon Uni-Lite is the way to go IMO. I saw one for $700 on eBay.

      Another option is to buy an older van for about $3K that has a working lift. That way, you get the lift for less than half price and the van is essentially free. Remove the lift from the van you just bought, install the lift into your van, and then sell the van that you just bought for whatever it costs you to remove and install the lift. Better yet, play your cards right by rebuilding the van and selling it for more so you essentially get the lift for free or close to it.
      I went looking for it could not locate could u copy paste pls