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    Spinergy's New Wheel

    Spinergy has a new wheel shown via a tiny reference here. At the time of this writing, the new wheel is not yet referenced on the Spinergy website. The new wheel is like the Carbon Blade wheel that Spinergy makes for TiLite, but with a visually different carbon pattern. There is no significant performance difference between the new wheel and the Carbon Blade.

    I have a set of Carbon Blades that came from Spinergy and not Tilite. A guy I have gotten to know has the Carbon Blades from Tilite so I am familiar with both types. I talked to Ryan Baker, at Spinergy, about the differences and he said that they worked with Tilite to make an exclusive carbon wheel for them. Basically the Tilite wheel uses more of a spread tow type carbon whereas the Spinergy version uses more of a twill. The Spinergy version does not have the polished hub or the carbon inlay in the center of the hub. I personally did not like the Tilite hub with the inlay, it is all bling with no function. Strength wise I really do not think there would be much difference in this application as none of the carbon fabric the are using is uni-directional.

    I am a newbie with only 6 seeks in my chair but so far so good with the Carbon Blades. I was a very competitive sailor before my accident and have been around some pretty high end boats with lots of carbon. I am a bit picky and the finish on the either set of the wheels is far from what I would call great but with that said they are totally functional. Spinergy also uses PBO in the spokes which I found interesting as we use that in VERY high end cordage that is used on boats.....I found it very interesting that they use the fiber for the spokes, it makes sense because it is strong, light, and is much more easily bonded then say Dyneema.