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    hey all, its that time where i have to get new tyres and ive been looking at the schawble downtown tyres they look good almost like marathons but i dont know anything about them, is there anyone who has had them or using them? what are they like any help would be good thanks, or a total different tyre you recommend that would be good also.

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    What's making you want to try that over the Marathon? I'm not questioning your decision, like it's a bad one, I'm just curious.
    I'm considering the Schwalbe ONE over the Marathon, but probably will be to chicken (ha, where's Sandor Clegane when you need him for a chicken rant?) to try.
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      hey, well ive got the ONE tyres on now and they are starting to show thread in places so need new ones and looking at the price they are expensive, the marathons are almost double the amount of the downtowns but look similar, im sure i seen on here not long ago a similar pair of tyrs but they had like a reflective band around the side wall? ill keep looking. im liking the look of the right run plus im not sure what the difference is between the plus and the normal ones apart from the price, trying to find the cheapest place for the plus's.
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        I’m not 100% sure but I would assume that the downtown tires are for bikes so they may mark up the floors. Other than that the tread is a bit different but similar to the marathons.

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          I believe the Right Run plus has puncture protection in them. I went with the regular Right Runs on my Carbon Blades because of the weight. I am a newbie and have only been in my chair for 6 weeks but I can totally feel the difference between the stock Shadow Wheels with Marathons and the Carbon Blades with the Right Runs...the blades with the Right Runs are easier to push for sure.

          With that said I am guessing the Right Runs will not last nearly as long as the Marathons. I have been getting out a lot in my chair and the Right Runs are already showing wear.