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New chair same brand cushion and pressure issues

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    New chair same brand cushion and pressure issues

    So I got my Permobil M5. I got another Varilite Meridian Wave which I have been sitting on for 12 years. I had replaced the cushion and gotten pressure mapped yearly and it has been great. I just got back from pressure mapping and we couldn't get a good seating position. Our suspicion is the solid seat pan and the PT is talking about trying a ride cushion.

    Has anybody had this issue switching from a manual to power chair? Any solutions?


    Don't know about change from manual to powerchair. My experience with manual chair was less than 6 months before powerchair.
    But, powerchairs now, especially if equipped with tilt has no seat dump. Could that be a factor?
    DME told me to just keep chair in enough tilt to account for seat dump. Use to the DME would put spacers under front of panseat base to add to dump.