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Can VMI or Braun convert AWD Siennas?

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  • Can VMI or Braun convert AWD Siennas?

    The all wheel drive (AWD) option on Toyota Sienna minivans sets them apart from every other minivan. Does VMI, Braun, or any other company modify these Sienna models for wheelchair access?

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    Someone please say yes. I live on top of a hill and slid my VMI Odyssey backwards down the steepest part, into a sharp blind turn, yesterday after the first rain in a while. If it weren't for the batteries, a hybrid with electrically powered rear wheels could be a solution.


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      I doubt it. The drive shaft for the rear wheels would make it difficult or impossible to lower the floor.
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        no awd mini can be converted.

        theres hardly room for the exhaust, forget about drivetrain.

        Jim, MA, MMET
        Bridgewater, MA


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          No mini vans can be AWD. The reasons above. Look at a Sprinter.


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            This is why I went with a SpeedyLift and an articulating driver’s seat. Sucks if it’s raining.
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              Is there an SUV that might work better or will they all have the same issues?

              Originally posted by Mize View Post
              This is why I went with a SpeedyLift and an articulating driver?s seat. Sucks if it?s raining.
              I like this idea. I found this video showing how it might look: Mize, how long have you had your setup? How do you like your seat? Any signs of wear and tear? Durability issues?