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Cars for quads??

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    Cars for quads??

    Trying to find the right car that will hopefully be the easiest to transfer into. What has about the same seat height as a wheelchair? Close to around 19", that's my front seat height.

    Probably be best to be on the cheaper side at first so I'm not worried about beating up the interior with my chair when I throw it over me.

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    I loved the Hyundai Elantra as it was very easy to transfer into, but I never drove it as it had a manual transmission. I drive a Nissan Tiida (sold as the Versa in the USA) at the moment - also easy to transfer into and the front doors are quite big, making it a breeze to get the chair in. With my folder (Quickie Xenon), I don't even have to remove the wheel to load the chair onto the back seat.

    Other cars I have spent a bit of time in:
    Mazda 5 minivan (my wife's current car): A little higher than the chair, but doable and comfortable enough
    Infiniti Q50: seemed a bit cramped, but doable. Comfortable drive though.
    BMW 3 series: Very comfortable and easy to transfer
    Subaru WRX: I loved it and wouldn't mind one for myself....
    Audi A3: Difficult to transfer into. It seems like the doors are small and do not open very wide. I found the seats very uncomfortable.
    VW Polo: Same as Audi A3, but even less space in front
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      volvo wagon, best quad car i owned rep
      c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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        I looked for a used volvo wagon but didn't find any I liked or felt comfortable buying used.

        I drive an Elantra touring wagon that i use most of the time, mostly because i have to haul 2 kids, 2 dogs and my wife around. It is easy to transfer into and is the right amount of beat up/older that i don't care too much about beating it up with my chair. The doors are quite large and there is ample room for me to put my chair in either the front or the back passengers seat. Cheap on fuel too and quite reliable, cannot complain really....

        The subaru imprezza wagon is ok, it's a bit tight getting in and out and repair costs are really expensive.

        I have had a toyota matrix which was a great car too, lots of room, easy transfers and the right amount of "i don't care factor" that made it perfect for an active wheelchair user.

        If i didn't have to haul the kids and animals, I would drive my Mustang GT more often. The transfer height is awesome, the 2 larger doors make getting you and your chair in and out really easy and it has some cool factor. Coupes are often a great option (if you don't need the cargo space) the doors are usually larger and the seat height is favorable for transferring in and out and there are lots available used.

        If you aren't considering or in the market for a coupe, I recommend you stick to wagons. Hard to beat for versatility.



          Yea, +1 to what Jimmay said about two door cars. I too have a Mustang GT, and I find it very crippy friendly, but the new S550's are a little low so beware of that.
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            Anyone have experience with the VW Golf station wagon or the Subaru Outback?


              my friend who is a c6/c7 quad transfers into and out of a Mazda 3 wagon pretty easily with a slide board. I know the doors are a bit small on it but its doable once you get your technique down.

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                Originally posted by HockeyFan View Post
                Anyone have experience with the VW Golf station wagon or the Subaru Outback?
                Right before my accident we bought a VW Golf Alltrack (Thank heavens there were no manuals left in the US). I am not at the point of doing boardless transfers to the car yet but the front door open very wide. The only downside I can see is that the door sills seem wide....though to be honest the only other car I have experience with is my old B6 Audi S4 and those sills are wide as well. If anyone wants to buy a very clean '04 Audi S4 Manual mine is for sale ;-(.



                  I got a VW GTI new in 06, drove it 10 years, replaced it with a leftover 2015 in 16.
                  It's a great crip-car: big door opening, door opens very far, easy transfers, DSG sequential gearbox, pretty fast, good handling and brakes.
                  One observation about how far seats are from the chair: all the cars have grown in girth to comply with side impact requirements. No longer can you find a car you can hang your arm out the drivers door with it in your armpit; it's about where your elbow is and higher! All of which makes transfers a little more difficult. At least you likely won't get paralyzed if you get hit broadside!

                  One reason for getting a leftover: they dropped the two door! The death of common sense.
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