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  • Patient lift modifications

    My wife can not bend her legs. I cannot place her in a wheelchair alone because her legs prevent normal placement procedure. I want to put her in the chair from the side but must build a platform to raise the wheelchair so that the lift base will fit under it. Unfortunately the Invacare 9805p lift I have will not lift her high enough to clear the wheels.
    Has anyone successfully shortened the sling chains or made other modifications to increase the effective lift?
    The alternative is to purchase a more expensive lift. Smaller wheels will make it more difficult to roll on carpet.

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    If you are using one of the old lifts with chains, you need to look at a new lift. Those are dangerous and easily can tip over. It is fairly easy to use the lift to sit the person at the side of the bed to then maneuver the lift so the upright goes between her legs, allowing you to roll the lift around the wheelchair from the front. Any lift is difficult to roll on carpet, which is why many people go with a hard surface (tile, hardwood, laminate, etc.) in the area where they use the lift the most. This also helps to prevent tipping the lift, which can occur easily with carpet.

    Another option would be to purchase a (used) ceiling track lift instead of using a floor mounted lift.

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