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Shower Chair-is there a good one?

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  • Shower Chair-is there a good one?

    Hi, I've been using the old blue Invacare shower chair model 6490. It's been discontinued for a long time now. I tried the Invacare Mariner Shower Chair Model: 6795 and it's terrible for me and unusable. I'm a C4-C5- quad. The seat on the Mariner doesn't go all the way back to the canes of the chair and the back fabric is so low it feels like I'm basically lying down. I'm only about 5' 10" and I almost fall over the back fabric, I guess because the seat is so far forward and can't be moved closer to the back posts. Has anyone else had this problem? It there a better shower chair I can get? Also, if anyone has wheels for the old blue Invacare shower chair model 6490 or any model of the old blue shower chair, please let me know.

    Any recommendations on a good shower chair would be greatly appreciated.


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    Check out shower/commode chairs from ActiveAid, Nuprodx and Raz Designs. They are not cheap, but they make good quality equipment that lasts a long time.

    They all can also offer customization for most features including back height, seat depth, etc.

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      I highly recommend the Raz with the optional pressure relief seat.
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        Same here The Raz is great lot of options to make it fit and very durable.

        Originally posted by Mize View Post
        I highly recommend the Raz with the optional pressure relief seat.


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          Thanks! Has any quad here used the Invacare Mariner Shower Chair Model: 6795 successfully?


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            Buyer beware.

            Originally posted by Mize View Post
            I highly recommend the Raz with the optional pressure relief seat.
            After 30 years my medical insurance is finally covering shower chairs.

            I think RAZ makes the best shower chairs on the market today, Canada, United States and world wide.

            I got my RAZ-SP last June and I ordered quick release axles which I thought was a good idea when I need to take my shower chair with me on vacation it would be more compact in the van.

            Upon delivery with the wheels locked the shower chair was very unstable and wobbly with the quick release axles. Even adjusting the axles they were still unstable. I went back to the standard bolt and nut axles and now I have a very tight fit with no wobbling.

            This is not a RAZ problem but a BodyPoint problem that RAZ offers as an accessory. That is the BodyPoint Pelvic Belt - BodyPoint Aeromesh item number Z736PX. Just look at the picture and see where it lies near your pubic area. I would not advise to get that one but the Z735 Pelvic Positioning Strap (2-piece with Fastex buckle) instead. This belt is made of nylon and will dry much quicker and will not absorb water.

            Why? The BodyPoint belt is made of material and does not dry completely. If you take a shower daily the belt is constantly wet even with a shower room window open. Bacteria will start to grow in the belt. You have no way of cleaning it 100% with Clorox or other disinfectant.

            I rarely get a uti because I am very meticulous with my bladder care but last month I got hit with a symptomatic uti that punched the hell out of me! It has been decades since I had a uti that bad that I had to take off from work for two days before I started to feel better and I strongly believe I pick up the bacteria from the seat belt because it is very close to the urethra.

            I have on order the Z735 Pelvic Positioning Strap (2-piece with Fastex buckle) and just today I was trying to take off the BodyPoint belt but they used lock-tight on the thumb screw bolt and nut. The belt was still wet and it is 86 degrees today in Oberlin, Ohio. I was able to get one side off but not the other otherwise I would have put on an adjustable luggage strap with tie-wraps to hold in place for time being.

            For those of you who have a BodyPiont belt beware! You might want to change it out to the Z735 Pelvic Positioning Strap (2-piece with Fastex buckle).

            Don't learn it the hard way.

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              I'll definitely heed your warning! Thanks for the great info!


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                You should also take a look at GO! Mobility Solutions at They're fully portable so if you'd like to travel with them you may easily do so. I invented them and use mine every day.

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                  I like Raz.
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                    The Invacare I currently use has a 16" wide seat. I emailed Raz about a 16" wide seat and they replied:

                    We can build 16”W seats.
                    However, to ensure maximum support, we will recommend that this be installed on a 16”W frame.
                    This will prevent the chair from rolling over a toilet.
                    Perhaps the chair will only be used for showering?

                    That doesn't make sense. My 16" wide seat goes over the toilet and the frame is wider than 16", which would make the chair more stable. I'm in NJ and he just referred me to Numotion or National Seating and Mobility (NSM) branch. I different dealer I spoke with said they cost thousands of dollars. Is that so?



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                      We've been partial to Nuprodx chairs. My husband uses a slider system but they make an assortment of lightweight/sturdy aluminum self propelled shower chairs too. The seat cushions give good skin protection and can be made with gel or foam fill. There's a lot of custom features that can be made according to the buyer's needs. The whole unit can be easily taken down and packed for travel.


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                        All Bodypoint fabric products, including the Aeromesh ones, can be machine washed at the hot setting (they are tested up to 140 F), and machine dried. This is in the care instructions. And that is generally not the case with other positioning belts. Have you checked the care instructions of the belt you are swapping out?

                        As for having it too close to the urethra, you don't have to leave it where it was installed (Bodypoint does not do the installation; they sell belts to manufacturers like Raz and to dealers). In fact, the instructions do not recommend the position your pic shows, but rather on the chest, knees or thighs. So I think we'd all agree it's installed in the wrong place. The grommet strap has multiple holes for that reason. And there are one and two-piece versions for different situations.

                        The page I linked to shows some hardware that can make swaps easier, and you can download the instructions and tech bulletins from there as well. I'm sorry about your UTI, and certainly agree shower chair belts should be washed frequently. Full disclaimer: I used to work for Bodypoint.


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                          I have been using the 18'' version or the 6895 model, compared to your 16'' or 6795 Mariner Shower Chair for over 13 years. I do not travel so the chair has remained open but I have not had a single problem with the chair itself. I was 6 foot and 215 pounds when I began using the chair and the only problem we had was teaching new attendants, the stopping distance ahead of the chair that's required for the patient lift to lower me into the shower chair correctly.

                          We eventually solved the problem by placing marks on the floor to locate both the lift and the chair position permanently but recently, the right foot pedal broke off when an aide jammed the lift between the footrests.

                          I just recently received a Nuprodx multiCHAIR 4024 and although its quality is outstanding, the chair functions no better than the Mariner and adjusting the foot pedal heights is much more limited and difficult. The nicely padded seat on the MC is much appreciated though.
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