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  • Replacing chair-hit by car

    So I got hit by a car yesterday. I've dodged that bullet in the 10 years living in the urban area of San Diego. Totally blindsided crossing a major street, from behind turning left. Thankfully a compact, but they didn't slam on the brakes until impact. I was slammed to the ground, and thankfully my service dog was on my opposite side. Else I shudder to think.... We went to the ER, and I got x-rayed all over. Nothing broken, but ouuuch. Worst pain ever. Especially today! My chair, a TiLite ZR, is jacked. The right wheel was bent severely, took the impact. I can tell the frame is out of alignment worse than it has been. I'm told though getting funded and measured this week for a new chair, it'll take weeks to go through. It would take weeks to get even a new wheel. Anyone been in this situation? I need a new chair asap. I can't get in my car, either. Sucks. I need bigger wheels, too!
    At least I did get finally funded for a chair! I had never gotten that Ti Fit on the two I've had. I'm getting a Ki Rogue, they have a make it right policy. So cool.

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    Call Ki and tell them what's up. Maybe they can get you a loaner, until your's is ready. Hunt ebay, etc for something temporary. Talk to a lawyer about this.


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      Originally posted by baldfatdad View Post
      Call Ki and tell them what's up. Maybe they can get you a loaner, until your's is ready. Hunt ebay, etc for something temporary. Talk to a lawyer about this.
      I don't see any reason why you couldn't at least get enough money from a settlement to buy a brand new chair with all the bells and whistles, plus whatever the ER bills are obviously.


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        San Diego has a horrible problem with pedestrians being hit by cars! Many have been killed, including several at a notorious corner near my house. You might also want to contact the reporter who wrote this recent San Diego UT article:

        Where are you getting your new chair? Ask the vendor about loaner chairs you can use until it is delivered. If there is a rental fee, that cost should also be covered by the person who hit you. Are they insured? You may need to seek out a lawyer, but that will also drag things down time-wise, so if the car owner is cooperative (I assume the police also are involved???) and insured, their insurance should cover any costs to you.

        Glad you are not seriously injured and that your dog dodged a bullet!

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          T, check your PM's


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            Thanks everyone. I was just on the news here today. Discovered how often people are killed. Wow.
            I'm getting the new one through a vendor I hadn't heard of. They are just going to measure me, which is not adequate, so I'm gonna have to say I need a PT< or at least a rep from Ki to do it right.


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              OMG thankfully you weren't killed and the dog is okay! Sorry about the pain you're in. Couldn't the DME provide a loaner considering the circumstances?

              I wonder how many times this happens to people in chairs.

              Has the dog been acting different? Wonder how they'll be the next time you're out.
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                Totally agree with everyone else thank god you and the dog weren't hurt or killed, sucks about the chair though call your vendor they should be able to get something to you in the meantime and also put a rush on your chair. the guys at TiLite are good and once they get the order they can usually push it thru in a few days to a week if necessary. have the vendor request it be rushed. and definately HIRE A LAWYER! regardless if they had insurance!
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