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Medicare as secondary.. still has to approve?

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    Lol, I was already typing that out before I even saw your reply, oddity. We really are on the same wavelength sometimes.

    I am still definitely on Medicare, cuz I spoke to coordination of benefits today and they said Medicare was secondary.

    I wouldn't be surprised if I get a bill for 18 months worth of premiums (like I said medicaid was covering it at some point, but they dropped me a month or two after I started working, almost two years ago now). I just did the math and it could be $2000... that would really suck if I gotta pay them 2 grand and all Medicare did for me during that time was complicate my insurance to the point that the pea-brained DME couldn't figure it out.


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      Hah! That's funny.

      One potential benefit to sticking with both insurers is the waiting period between going back on SSDI and re-enrolling in Medicare, which the first time you go on SSDI is ~24 months. If you will ever go back on SSDI it might be worth it to keep Medicare to avoid the 2 years of expensive COBRA. I don't even know if ObamalamalakumCare will allow you to enroll if you're on the SSDI/Medicare waiting period. I'd seriously recommend looking into this before making the decision to drop Medicare.
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        My understanding was that for some period of time (I want to say 5 years, but it's probably some odd number of months like 107 knowing the SS administration) you could just reenroll pretty quick like. Maybe I'm wrong though.

        But in this brave new world instead of Cobra you could just go Obamacare until Medicare kicked in, couldn't you? I ran the numbers on a silver plan a couple years ago and it was like $15,000 a year total out of pocket including premiums, deductible and max out of pocket copays, which isn't great, but it isn't terrible. Hell it's better than Medicare if you got a bunch of outpatient bills to pay at 20%. Either way I plan to work for at least the next 5 years before I would even think about getting back on Medicare, so I'm not gonna pay $8000 in premiums for that gamble. Even if the rules say I have to go the Cobra route now, there's no telling what will change in the next five years. Hell, worse case scenario I'll just mail order a bride from Thailand and make her get a job with benefits, then have her add me to her insurance before I quit so I can wait out the medicare waiting period in style.

        After an hour and fifteen minutes on hold SSA agreed to mail me the form to cancel medicare, and also informed me that this month is the first month that medicaid is not paying my premium, they asked me if this was why I was calling. I told them nah, I hadn't seen anything from medicaid or medicare in over a year. Pretty dope timing, if these bozos at NSM weren't bumbling idiots I might have noticed for years until medicare somehow found my new address and sent me a massive bill. I thought medicaid wrote me off well more than a year ago. But looks like I'll only be on the hook for one month of Part B premiums.