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    Reading that makes me appreciate that I saw others here before me and took preventative action and switched to the power chair part-time. What someone said above about exercise is true - you lose strength quick but I'm not exhausted all the time like I was when working and hauling it everywhere.

    When I saw CapnGimp say he sometimes used one .. and Shannon (if anyone remembers those two), I gave permission to myself. lol
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      Originally posted by lynnifer View Post
      The most frustrating thing is not being able to fix it myself. The manual chair is like a bicycle and therefore, easy to fix. The power chair? I can't even tip it over to change a tire it's so heavy. Filling the tires with air is challenging as well.

      I have air filled tires on my F3 Perombil and also had them on my Pride Edge 1.0

      Be a inexpensive pump for your home less then $15 that plugs in 110 power outlet.

      If you are ever at home and the pressure is low you can have a friend or family or neighbor fill them.

      #2 Get friendly with a local bike shop in your area and have them put bike silicone sealer in prevent leaks and punctures.

      #3 Get value caps that prevent leakage it make filling the tires from simple air escaping the value.

      Air tires on a power chair are so much smoother and with a little effort not risky at all and improve battery range.


        I too am a para in a power chair. I own a flower shop, 23 years now, the last 3 in the chair, I could not do even 1/10th of my job in a manual chair. I first started using it for work and home because people seem to look at you differently in a power chair and my own pride but then switched to all power chair. I had already had chronic neck and shoulder pain. I do drive a van but transfer over to the drivers seat. I only use the manual when going to someone's home and I need to be lifted in.
        I bought both of my power chairs off Craig's list. After my van broke down a year ago, I realized I needed a back up chair.
        I have an older model chair for my outside garden chair. It has 20 inch bmx tires on it. Only thing I wish my chair elevated like I have seen the permobils do. But they are too big for me. I have quickie freestyle chair. Anyone have suggestions on a smaller chair that elevates, need to get some dusting done and would be helpful at work.


          I have one of the early spinergy ZX-1s (I think the serial number is 49). It is over 5 years old and I have dealt with Spinergy a couple times and they have been very helpful. It is still a good product and well supported by Spinergy.

          Originally posted by RollPositive View Post
          Stay away from the friend Pat invented it and Synergy bought the company and ran the product in to the ground!!

          This is Pat and his daughter before they sold to Synergy

          If you are already having pain its time to move over to a power chair vs a motor for a wheelchair. Check out Permobil F3 or m3 mid wheel...lot more comfort than a wheelchair with power.

          You can fund them with seat elevation and tilt and recline no problem.