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Knee pads : Anyone found good Knee pads for swimming

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    Knee pads : Anyone found good Knee pads for swimming

    Went swimming and banged crap out of my knees.

    Before I go down the google neoprene knee pad rabbit hole.... anyone had any luck finding knee pads that work well for them for swimming?

    I'm looking for some that strap on rather than slide all the way up the leg.

    I'll probably have to modify them my self, but thinking of fixing them together so my legs stay together at the knees etc.. or may just say two inches of material so my legs can go apart a little but for the most part keep my legs together, probably some velcro arrangement.

    How about ace bandages? I can't feel my knees so I can't say for sure. I know I hit my knees on the steering wheel when car transferring. That makes me wonder if they are being hurt enough to cause leg spasms. I bet an X-ray would show some abuse. But in the pool I enter with a lift and am always in at least 5' of water. I wonder what conditions you are in when you bang your knees?


      It's a therapy pool which you roll into.... at the deep end it may be just about 5' but then it tappers a way to nothing.. so you can lay on the beach as it were!
      plus I seem to bang my knees against the side when I'm just hanging

      Thinking something like this...


        If you search for "waterproof knee pads" on Amazon, many brands will appear and some are minimal and lightweight with convenient strap fasteners. The ones pictured above look like they'd get sodden and heavy in water.
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          Not sure you are going to find any that don't slide on as straps or velcro will add bulk and may actually injure the skin. Depending upon how much atrophy you have in your leg muscles, you may also be able to find a good elbow skin protector sleeve that may work as well.

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