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Lockdown options for Permomobil standing power chair

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  • Lockdown options for Permomobil standing power chair

    I know this is been hashed many times, but is it still true that the only power lockdown optionsr for a power chair are EZ lock and Qstraint, where the male part = docking pin = ? is on the chair and the female part is on the floor?

    I do not want the male part of my lockdown on my chair, where it can get hung up and damaged on outside terrain. Is there any other option for having the female part on your chair?

    I currently have a Balder chair, with their lockdown mounted. It is female on the chair and male on the floor. Could I mount that lockdown female receiver piece on my Permobil? If so, where would I get that done? My dealer is part of Permobil and doesn?t do it.

    I also think having a seatbelt = or some other easy way to secure me = would be a good idea. The receiver for the van seatbelt went out with the seat. Have you any advice for me?

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    Here’s one other option but it does add some width you your chair
    C5 as of 6-13- 2010