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Frontier V6 All-terrain chair

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    Ive had both, X5 and the V6 both mid wheel drive chairs from Frontier. I love this mid wheel drive chair, although I'm in the process of getting the front wheel drive chair from Frontier. My first chair was a Quantum 1400 which was a FWD and did just as good if not better in the mud and it had the narrow drive tires on it. The FWD chairs you don't have the front castors getting hung up in the mud like the mid drive. I hope to write back real soon and tell you how the Frontier FWD does in comparison to the mid wheel drive.


      Which model has better maneuverability depends on whether the user can sit properly on Permobil's narrow footplates. If that's possible, then the footplates will fit between the casters and the legrests can be brought all the way in to 85-90 degrees without any caster interference. If the user fits better on Permobil's wide footplates, then the legrests must be kicked out 20-30 degrees to prevent them from interfering with the front casters. When that is the case, the M3 will be ~4 1/2" longer than an F3 with the same seat depth. The F3 becomes the tighter turning chair. If the M3 has narrow footplates, they will fit between the casterss. In that scenario, the M3 is the more maneuverable chair.
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