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Joystick Knob Falling Off

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  • Joystick Knob Falling Off

    I have this Invacare joystick which is a year old. The knob has fallen off twice in the past week. I don't understand why; I'm not doing anything unusual (20 years, 3 Invacare power wheelchairs without a problem). This style of knob has always worked well for me. Should I get the knob replaced? Is there a glue that would hold it without making it permanent (maybe Loctite Blue)?
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    Pull the joystick off, wrap a piece of black electrical tape around the stem, push the joystick back on. Snug fit and in most cases, problem solved for less than a penny.
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      Electrical tape tightly wrapped around the base and putting the handle back on has always worked for me and doesn’t need replaced often


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        here(new zealand) they are often superglued on


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          Originally posted by cyfskid View Post
          here(new zealand) they are often superglued on
          But, If you ever want to/have to change one out, isn't it going to be tough to get off? Think you want tight enough fit that it doesn't fall off, but easy enough to pull off if you need to replace or change out. In other words...a good friction fit.


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              I use superglue just a drop or 2. If you need to take it off just tap it and twist a few times it will come off. It will come off in about a years or less even with superglue on it. You can use blue locktite also. Contact cement for plastic models work to.
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                Great call on the sandpaper SCI_OTR, maybe even a 6 inch or so, strip of emery cloth, if the grit size of grade 40 or 46 is abrasive and coarse enough. My fingers haven't worked for almost 15 years and I don't remember the feel of it.

                SCI_OTR also put a short piece of what I believe is either 3/8'' or 1/2 inch Rubber un-slit pipe insulation or possibly car heater hose, on the top of my Permobil joystick. It made my powerchair much easier to steer, as I control the joystick against the base of my palm where I have some feeling. The application, whether foam or rubber, would significantly help folks who use their fingers, as it provides a much larger grip surface. Especially if you drive with the joystick between your thumb and your forefinger, if your brain can still understand that your touching something.

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                  Maybe this could be an option.

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