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quick release axle stuck

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    Originally posted by ancientgimp View Post
    Thanks for the suggestions. I did turn chair over so that stuck wheel is on garage floor. Removed other wheel and squeezed the remaining 1/3 of a can of penetrating oil down the camber tube hoping that it will coat the axle tip and free the bearings. Also followed this up with liberal spraying of WD-40 down the camber tube. I now have a small pool of oil on the garage floor seeming to indicate the oil must have reached the bearings on the axle.

    After reading Pat's suggestion I noted that the threaded axle housing is flat on 2 sides so I should be able to back out this threaded housing if I can reach it with the wheel still on. I assume then I will be able to examine the stuck bearings and work on them. I will wait to do this until I see if the penetrating oil and WD-40 have worked to free the bearings.
    WD40 isn't really that great of a penetrating fluid. About the best there is: a 50/50 mix of automatic transmission fluid and acetone.


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      Had this happen to my wife's AeroZ in less than 6 months. I succeeded by removing the opposing wheel & pounding a steel rod while holding the release on the bad pin. Once it finally came out it freed up and acted like nothing had ever happened.


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        Thanks, other Bruce