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Warning about the new Quickie suspension

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  • Warning about the new Quickie suspension

    Hey y'all. I recently got a new chair, a quickie 5R, after having a quickie Q7 and a quickie GT before that. I was told that the 5R was the new replacement for the GT (which has been and remains my favorite chair), so I went with that. The specs state that it weighs 21.5 lbs... not too shabby. Maybe the chair does weigh this much, but I always opt for rear shocks, as I do a lot of off-roading and curb jumping, etc. Herein lies the problem... The new suspension system (which I believe they are calling the XTR suspension frame) is unlike anything I've seen before, in that instead of just adding shocks to the existing frame, they add a whole new layer of frame, with several pieces of tubing, below the seat sling. The result is a chair that doesn't fit as well behind my seat when I'm driving, and that WEIGHS 33 POUNDS with a Jay 3 back! I went from a 19 lb chair with the Q7 to this beast! Now I'm having considerable back pain from the twist and lift to get this into my truck, and from the struggle to un-wedge this unwieldy behemoth from behind the seat. It's also just harder to push up hills, or anywhere for that matter, with the weight of this chair. Also, if you are thinking of getting one of the quickies that now has this single shock system for the rear suspension, you should know that it is quite squishy. When the chair arrived, with the shock adjusted for my weight, it was kinda like riding around on a trampoline... it just absorbed alot of my power. I tightened it up tremendously, and now I find it actually rather comfortable. It still feels like it absorbs a small fraction of my push power, but it is the most effective shock absorption of any rear suspension that I've used to date. Unfortunately, with all the added weight, I've had to switch back to my old trusted beater, the GT. Quickie, why discontinue the GT? If it ain't broke, don't fix it...