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ROHO as shower cushion?

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  • ROHO as shower cushion?

    I've read that some folks use ROHOs as shower-bench cushions. How well does that work? Does one use the ROHO with or without its cover? How is the cushion kept from sliding? I'm thinking that using a ROHO in the shower will solve the two problems of the hard seat and the difference in seat-height between the bench & my wheelchair. - fw

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    I always use a roho while taking a shower without the cover. if it marks your skin use a towel over the cushion while taking shower.


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      Iirc we have heard from a Roho rep here that using their air Cell cushion without a cover removes a good bit of their therapeutic benefit. Anything between you and the cushion and cover, not basically attached to you (like well fitting pants or underwear), even too bulky clothing, can affect its performance.

      I personally use a Stimulite in the shower. Water passes straight through it. Dries well and doesn?t get mildew from staying wet.
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        This is a pretty common application for a ROHO cushion, and I know of numerous individuals who travel with a smaller ROHO cushion specific for use in the shower. No issue with getting the cushion wet, and most people I know who use the cushion in the shower do not use a cover. One suggestion is that you can order the ROHO cushion with drainage holes, so the water can pass right through.

        Feel free to contact me offline if you need any more specific information.


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          Thanks folks for the suggestions. I've got a spare ROHO I'll try out on the shower chair. The stimulite technology looks interesting; I'll try it out when there's more dough in my piggybank. - fw