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  • Lilypad scales

    I was wondering if anybody uses this scale to weigh themselves and how accurate they are. I have been using a old doctors type scale for over 30 years with a plate that I wheel on to that weighs me and the chair. I would like to find something more convenient to use and that does not take up so much space. The Lily Pad scale looks like it would be something to fit my needs.

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    Our homecare nurse has this. It is accurate if used properly. Not cheap though. Also, note that the maximum weight capacity is 400 lb., so probably not an option for those who use big power chairs.

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      I use a lightweight manual chair and do not weigh anywhere near 400lbs including my chair.


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        FYI is your interested in purchasing a lilypad scale. I would do that real soon as they are going out of business. They only have about 40 scales left.


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          Yes I saw that the other day. I did purchase one and am hoping that nothing goes wrong with it since they are going out of business.


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            I have a Lilypad scale that I bought last year and like it. It's accurate when I compared it the scale had the rehab clinic. I like that I can fold it up and store it. Most other wheelchair scales are huge and take up a lot of floor space. Sad that they're going out of business.

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