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Hammock vs Bed for SCI patients, what worked for us.

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  • Hammock vs Bed for SCI patients, what worked for us.

    Ive been meaning to pass along this information
    My late partner, who had a C-5, C-6 injury, had a real struggle getting comfortable in bed,
    despite the fact that we had an adjustable Transfer Master bed.
    We switched to a hammock, hung in our living room and she found that to be much much better.
    She was able to sleep the night without being moved, and she could rock herself.
    It might work well for others with SCI.
    Best of luck to you all.
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    Sorry for your loss. How hard are transfers in and out of a hammock?
    T3 complete since Sept 2015.


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      Thank you. We used a portable Hoyer lift. It took some practice to center her perfectly.
      We tried other types of hammocks, but the one pictured was the best, soft material with a spreader bar.
      We thought a Mayan type hammock might work better, being so much bigger, but it made her feel claustrophobic.
      There was never a problem with bed sores.