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Looking for a hand held remote controler for Ricon lift

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    I dis the same. I had a keyed disconnect installed above the front wheel well just for that reason. If my van sat for long periods without use, the receiver would drain my battery.


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      Originally posted by Brent K View Post
      I did the same as Rustyjames. I paralleled wires from a receiver similar to the one that he posted to the control wires of the wired remote on the inside. I have a Ricon lift. It wasn't real difficult to do.
      You lost me after "paralleled wires" but it sounds great.

      I'm going to have a little hobby shop look at my remote this afternoon.


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        I've done this to a few different lifts one of which is a unilite.. It's fairly easy if you understand how 12v relays work. If you don't, google is your friend. You can use any 4 channel keychain remote like this one for example: But some receivers output becomes ground when the button isn't pushed. This will short out your lift so you must add another 12v relay like this: inline to isolate the ground. So the 12v output from the receiver for each channel activates another relay that sends power to the lift. The output from each of these relays gets spliced into the toggle switches on your dash that operate your lift. The toggle switch will have 3 terminals on the back of it. The middle is the 12v supply the top and bottom will be stow and deploy. The other switch is up and down. Just splice in the 4 wires from the relays to the top and bottom terminals of the toggle switches.


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          Got my remote back from the hobby shop and it works better than ever.

          One toggle switch was bad and one of the wires connecting to the 9v battery was only hanging on by two strands. All fixed and cleaned for only 30 bucks.

          I'm very happy and satisfied with their business and workmanship. Thanks everybody for your help, greatly appreciated!


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            Good to hear you're back in business. That was more than reasonable repair charge.