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[Freewheel] So, i'm pushing my wheelchair from vancouver to yukon....

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    Im sorry i forgot to update. Last time i saw the thread was buried under.

    Im currently in Charlie Lake. It's around -15c here. Im fine so far. But now i know how hard it is to keep yourself dry. Will get on the alaskan highway tomorrow.

    My sleeping pad was stolen yesterday, good thing they have walmart here so i can get a new one.

    Some CC members tracked me down on facebook. Rest assured, im not q poser.

    Good news, if u drink more water, your urine bag is gonna freeze around -10. If you dont drink much, your urine can withstand -20c.
    walking is OVER-RATED!!!

    Broken in August 14th, 2003. T9-L1 complete.


      Way to GO!!Glad to hear you're okay. If you need any assistance in any way, please don't hesitate to contact me. I sent you another pm with my info.


        Wow, just wow, and such a relief to hear from you at the same time. You have already accomplished more than most any of us can think about considering the elements. You do need to stay hydrated though, maybe someone can advise on sodium intake.
        I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.


          Great to hear from you Nia. So many of us were concerned. Hope you continue your awesome mission.

          Thanks, Captn Gimp!


            Nia, I have a new hero in my life and, it is you. You are one BAD ASS. Amazing. Learned of your existence while reading the CareCure posts. Was skeptical of your mission but, no more. Know that you are being admired by many people. You don't just dream of things, you do those dreams. Going over your facebook page, I see you have been to many places in this world. I admire your adventurousness. Stay safe. Keep those updates coming please. You have me excited and I look forward to an update on the CareCure forum every day since you started. From the out skirts of Detroit, Michigan, I am Bigtop1. Many thanks to Captain Gimp for locating you.
            I refuse to tip toe through life, only to arrive safely at death.


              I heed the advice. I underestimated the weather honestly. But i do take precautions. Even -30c is not a joke.

              Thank you for supporting. I know this trip is something crazy. But the way i look at it, anybody can do it if they want. Its just that we've been giving ourselves excuses to justify that we cant. I know we lived our whole life on a wheelchair, but we're more than capable to have our own adventure, within our means. I see you guys hunts and some even snowboard. Im only doing the ones i can. Believe it or not you can push 30-40km a day (about 20-28 miles). If u keep doing that everyday, 1000km a month is easy.

              I'd love to meet you guys along the way. Will be going to continental divide trail next year all the way to mexico and visit some national park along the way.
              walking is OVER-RATED!!!

              Broken in August 14th, 2003. T9-L1 complete.


                I followed him on Facebook and he recently posted this. I did not know any way to put it here other than to copy and paste

                Boleh tak nak mintak tolong korang?

                Aku nak apply contest untuk join Iditarod bawah Fjallraven.

                In case korang tak tau Iditarod tu apa, Iditarod ialah perlumbaan sled dog yang diadakan setiap tahun di Alaska setiap minggu pertama bulan Mac. Memang tujuan aku tolak wheelchair sampai ke Alaska untuk event tahunan ni!

                Cuma Fjallraven ni buat kat Norway.

                So aku nak mintak jasa baik korang untuk vote kat page Fjallraven.


                Please please please please please!
                5 saat je!

                Jasa baik korang amatlah dihargai!
                Aku mendoakan kehenseman korang berlipat kali ganda kalau korang share!


                Can I ask for your help?

                I'm planning on applying for a contest to join the Iditarod under Fjallraven team.

                In case you guys have no idea what Iditarod is, it's a sled dog race held annually on the first week of March in Alaska. It's the whole reason why I'm pushing my wheelchair to Alaska in the first place!

                Only that this Iditarod is held in Norway.

                So I humbly request you guys to vote for my application in Fjallraven's page.


                Please please please please please!
                It'll only take 5 seconds.

                I appreciate for your time!
                Legend says your awesomeness will tenfold if you share this! ��


                  Thanks for the post DJ.

                  I placed my vote for Nia. I believe this man has a willingness to do anything he puts his mind to. I trust he listens to the words from the elders and those spoken to him and heeds their advice.


                    So proud of you Nia.
                    I will probably take up the offer to join you next year. So inspired by your will and hard work.
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                    19th February 1998
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                      Anyone know how he's doing? I do not think he is posting here on CC much. Looks like he is in Boulder Colorado right now, just wondered what took him back down into the states?


                        From his FB page, he got as far as Prince Rupert, then took a truck hitch-hike to Vancouver. He is still in Vancouver (not in Colorado: that is a friend of his).

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