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Motion Composites - anyone have one of there chairs rate them

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    Originally posted by baldfatdad View Post

    Get green lock tite. Its for bearings. OR in a pincnh put kitchen cleanser in the clamp. We use to do that on the band brakes on the crane.
    Good suggestion. Four decades in a wheelchair and this is the first year I'm having this problem. All the other chairs either had nonadjustable caster positions or else they had better designs that weren't prone to slippage. I think I'll make some marks on the caster assembly with a sharpie to identify the position. That way there's no guess work when adjusting the caster position. Hopefully the loctite will mean that I don't have to. Another idea is a longer allen wrench or attach a long vice grip to it in order to get a good amount of torque. Probably not tightening it enough with the standard size allen wrench.

    Have you done this before? Is it easy enough to break the bond if necessary? They say use heat to loosen. Hair dryer good enough? Maybe a soldering iron?


      Low watt soldering iron could work, like 20w. Just for a hot second though, on the bolt head. That heat will travel fast. Too long and it very easily could negatively affect any heat tempering of aluminum or steel it's hitting, especially if it's a hardened screw. Especially if it's a high watt iron.

      For Loctite, I use a small handheld butane torch, just kissing the screw/bolt head a bit, for a few seconds, then try, go again, try to loosen again, etc. until it turns.
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        I've never had trouble breaking anything loose that has loctite on it. Never had to use heat. look up the torque spec on the allen bolts,that's the best way. i've ask both Quickie and Tilite for torque specs and why there techs don't even have a torque wrench.