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    Register a chair with Medicare

    I have a TiLite ZRA and am really quite happy with it - Four years ago I went on Medicare. I had the chair at the time and have not registered the chair with medicare - I have been doing my own work on the chair bringing the wheels into a bike shop. Recently the Gel Pad on my J3 cushion started leaking. There is no way to replace the pad without buying a new cushion. In order to get a new cushion I need to register the chair with medicare.
    Someone advised me that it might be better to get a new chair - that registering this chair with medicare might delay the day when they would give me a new chair. I am pretty happy with my current chair. I already have a reasonable backup chair. My seat base is fraying a bit and might need sewing or replacement.
    What are the pros and cons about asking for a new chair as opposed to registering the one I have?

    A durable medical equipment dealer told me a chair had to be less than a year old when you qualify for Medicare to be able to register it, otherwise Medicare would not acknowledge it, AND the durable medical equipment dealer who ordered the chair has to register it. That said, things may have changed since this was the story I got 5 years ago.


      I didnt have an issue I just started medicare and got my 2 year old F3 registered and did some repairs.

      The DME should take care of it.


        I strictly buy my own power chairs, so far I have been able to affect my own repairs. I do not believe a word any power chair peddler (DME) says! NOT A WORD.

        Call Medicare directly and ask for someone with some expertise. This may take some time. If what you hear sounds improbable politely thank them and later call them again, compare the info given. If you are satisfied you have two like answers it is likely right. move on from there. Ask your doctor(s) to validate your need for a chair. For any govt or insurance pay out you will need something like this, validation.

        Chair peddlers are simply shop keepers, and sales people, they will tell you anything that may make a big sale possible/probable. I have found they lie when the truth would suit them better. Sound familiar ?? "salesmen"?


          That is a pretty cynical way of being in our world...hope its working for you but by the way medicare reps that answer the phone are minimally trained employees and on time lines to get on and off the phone.

          I hope when others read what your saying they will learn that "we" have to be the experts in our moblity we need to do the research, talk to other end users and do the leg work.

          Then we go with all the information to a DME and let them know what we want and what our expectations are.

          Once people in our community learn to speak up, communicate our needs and set expectations our mobility and life experience improve!


            Yes Roll Positive I am pretty cynical! Insurance and real estate sales men fall right in with wheelchair sales men, right at the bottom of the human scum list. They too often say whatever they think will suit this immediate sale. The word truth means nothing to them.

            So far I have had pretty good luck with Medicare phone contacts. You can pretty much assess a phone contact when they hesitate during a conversation. Always when you are questioning them ask for a supervisor when you doubt their veracity. Finding out where you can find the actual official policy information in print is not a bad plan either. All rules and policies are in print somewhere, do ask where.

            YES we have to advocate for ourselves. Loudly if necessary, but politely if at all possible.

            I have never even been asked for any sort of validation when "I" was paying for my own chair. Money talks in its own language. But not everyone can do this, not me forever either. But if you set yourself up before you are in dire need, the pressure is far less.