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Coming Up On One Year Of Owning My QM-710 MWD Power Chair

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    Coming Up On One Year Of Owning My QM-710 MWD Power Chair

    In two months. It'll be one year since I've had my new QM-710. I have not regretted getting it over anything else. It's been a great power chair. I just got a recent diagnosis of spinal stenosis, a bulging disc, and compressed nerves in my back. In addition to the scoliosis, kyphosis, and dystonia. I've been relying on my power chair more now that I'm starting to lose the mobility in my legs. I can't say there's nothing that I don't like about this power chair. Except that the caster arm bolt covers seem to get knocked off pretty easily when the chair bumps against something. I'm having to getting one replaced right now. Thankfully Medicare approved it. It was ordered, and should be in next week sometime.

    When I visited my dad at the assisted living facility where he lived. The servers coming by the tables with their carts at lunchtime would always bump into the back of my power chair. Even when I was all the way up to the table. This was annoying, but I would always keep my cool about it.

    I love the speed on it. I have the 6MPH package on mine. Compared to my old Quickie S-525 that went 4.5 mph. I love how much faster my new power chair goes. I was able to be back in track for Special Olympics this year with my new power chair, and I won two gold medals at the regional meet as well as the state meet.

    I love the retractable joystick feature on it also, and the flip-up footboard. Both of them have made it so easy for me to pull up to a table. I may need power seating soon, and that can easily be added onto the chair without having to purchase a whole new power chair like I was told in the past that I would've. If I had needed power seating. Overall it's a great power chair. The suspension feature in it gives it a very smooth ride, and it fits to me a lot better than my old power chair had.
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