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The overinflated price for disabled products

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  • The overinflated price for disabled products

    I'd love to know how much it costs Paravan to obtain the gel batteries that are used in the backup system. As part of their "protocol", these gel batteries have got to be changed every two years at a cost of ?400. I'm pretty sure that these batteries could last twice as long,

    Permobil asked for ?19,000 initially for my corpus 500. I politely told them to get stuffed and managed to get it for ?14,000.It really hacks me off that anything disabled related nearly always has a huge price tag attached to it.
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    Check out Permobil's gross margin at the new companies house beta, 46% for a distributor and one which won't carry a lot of stock as chairs built to order. Most of my clients would love to make that kind of margin just for distribution no development or design costs, hardly any risk on stock either.

    Need to find out which dealer you used, could you pm me details?


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      What irks me is they will bill the insurance for a said amount and get paid at a much lower rate yet they will still charge us the 20% of the billing rate. Means we are paying much more than the 20%.