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Removing Shox and Reusing

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  • Removing Shox and Reusing

    It's been a long time since I've posted! Life's going pretty well.

    I installed Shox tires on Spinergy wheels awhile back - probably 8 months ago? For me, a really smart decision that gave me more freedom / less maintenance, at least on that set of wheels.

    Shox tires are still great, no maintenance which is awesome and a good reassurance when I was in filthy areas / cities (visiting) and basically in the gutters / on sidewalks that hadn't seen a street sweeper in months.

    But... I lost a Spinergy spoke and now need to remove the Shox solid tire (without damaging it, I hope), and get the spoke repaired.

    How do I remove the Shox without cutting it off, and (hopefully without!) breaking it?

    I have a car tire shop available to me who did the original install of the Shox, but I don't know if they know how to remove it without just sending a sawsall through it. If at all possible, I'd like to reuse the tire once the spoke is repaired, and may need to provide them ideas.

    Thank you!

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    I use my vise and a leather glove.

    I clamp the edge of the glove and the tire in the vise, with the handrim side of the wheel on the same side as the overhang of the glove. Then pull the wheel down towards the glove. The glove protects the handrim from getting scratched on the vise while you pry the wheel down to stretch the tire off of the wheel. Then push the tire off the wheel a little bit at a time.

    Hmmm... that description is terrible. Let me take some pictures...

    [edit] Everyone likes pictures, right?
    Don't judge me and my dirty work bench/garage...

    Vise and glove


    Pulling wheel over (this can be tricky as the whole deal can pull out of the vise. Don't be afraid to really clamp the tire tight!)

    Pushing/rolling the tire off of the wheel by hand (this requires a good deal of hand strength)

    Alternatively, instead of pushing the tire off entirely by hand, you can get the tire started off the wheel, then reclamp the assembly a little further along, roll the tire off, reclamp further, roll off, etc... until it's off completely.

    Note, this is with regular aluminum handrims. Not sure how this would work with some of the fancy handrims.
    Also, the above pictures I took with my wife's old Quickie wheels which have the handrims wrapped in Paracord, but I noticed that the process is MUCH easier with her Spinergy SPOX wheels and regular handrims that aren't wrapped.
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      THANK YOU for the incredible photos and instructions, Jhigs!!

      I was able to explain to a strong hands helper, he smiled and said, "let me try without the vice," and it's off!! We only did one wheel/tire so far, as only one wheel is missing a spoke and needs that repair (I think the bike shop can true with the tire on the other ones - I will call before I deliver them and make sure). My helper is exhausted from using brute strength instead of tools, but at least it's off and I can get parts ordered!

      Also helpful: Outside temps above 100*F (I'm melting). Second person (me) holding smooth end of crescent wrench. Mr. Strong Hands moved the tire just enough to slip the crescent wrench smooth end in and use it similar to a tire lever. Came right off with Mr. Strong Hands' help.

      Thank you again, Jhigs for the excellent photos and description!! The vice idea is excellent - I'll encourage Mr. Strong Hands to consider the use of proper tools, as well!

      Whoo hoo!! Cause for celebration, I think!

      Edit to add: Spinergy Spox wheels with aluminum (tab) handrims for me, for folks referencing this awesome thread in the future.


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        Glad I could help.

        I could see where your helpers method would work. The Spinergy wheels are SO much easier to get the SHOX off than the Quickies, and once it is started off the rim they slip off really easy. I could probably do it without a vise on the Spinergys, but definitely not the Quickie wheels.
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          I just take mine to my local bike shop and they pop them on and off in minutes. I just did what you need to do on a set of Spinergy LXs I was given.

          A good bike shop should have no issues with it.