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Wheelchair docks and removable car seats/seatbelts

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  • Wheelchair docks and removable car seats/seatbelts

    When you have an EZ-Lock or Q-Straint dock placed in the drivers area for self-driving, can the removable car seat still be used? In this interior shot, the car seats seemingly will lock into those two pins in the floor. It seems like the docking plate is going to interfere with that. Sorry for these naive questions, but we don't have many self-drivers in Hawaii, so the mobility dealers just don't know much (they pretty much specialize in minivan transport vehicles and are used to how Braun and the other shops deliver vehicles). And, AT Conversions is not super helpful, either. They are like, "We just ship the vehicle with the lowered floor and removable seats. It is up to your mobility dealer to install everything else." Seemingly, this includes the L-tracks which would be necessary for the seat belt post. How do they install the seat belt receiver post without L-tracks? With that seat belt post installed, does that prevent the removable car seat from being used? I dunno, but my MD doesn't seem to know how they're going to do the install, exactly. Even Q-Straint seems to be really slow about providing any assistance.
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    i was able to put the removable chair in over my ez-lock until i switched wheelchairs. the ez-lock bracket design on the new chair required the ez-lock to be moved back 3 inches, which then interfered with the removable chair. so it all depends on the location of the ez-lock and the removable chair base.


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      its impossible to say without fitting you into the driver position.

      it will all come down to you, your chair and the guys doing the work.

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        If the installer doesn't "get it" find one that understands what you are trying to accomplish. Check local engine, transmission even autoglass shops to find someone that does custom work if you have to. Ezlock does assure you are in the same position each time you get behind the wheel.

        First van I owned (2002 Dodge) had ezlock. The owner gave me the TDX chair with the lock pin to mate to the lock plate. The fit was good enough I didn't need to change anything. Mount plate is 10.5 by 6.5 not including the bolt flange. Add another inch to each side for the flange. It is at least 2 inchs high. The factory seats mount with 4 points instead of 2 like you have. Both the driver and passenger seat can be removed and locked into the driving position with the lock plate affixed as seen. Keep in mind the driver and passenger seats usually have one armrest on the inboard side. Check the armrest interference on your power chair when you are in the driving position also.

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        If you can find the correct dimensions for the lock plate that fits your power chair use a piece of wood that size for mocking up the final mount plate position and test if your seats will clear the plate. Need to locate the lock pin position on your chair to get it right. On the new Toyota the tilt wheel had to be fixed for the hand control installation. On both vehicles I plug the driver seat belt into the passenger seat buckle. You can makeup a short seat belt buckle with 2 female connections if you want.

        Click image for larger version

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        There is also a control box mounted on the dash, wired into the vehicle harness that will prevent starting if the ezlock is partially engaged. The dodge seats get plugged in (when used) to manage the seat belt alarm. Very good flexible setup imo. Need an AB to remove or install the seats. Sister in law can handle them as they are on wheels.

        Hope this helps. Comeback if questions.
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          I have a 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan, bought in 2015, EZ Lock in the driver's position, Braunability conversion. The passenger seat can be placed behind the steering wheel with no problems, and an able-bodied person can drive as normal.