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Freewheel not staying in place

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  • Freewheel not staying in place

    So I had been using my freewheel for a couple months and things were great. Pushing through grass, over gravel along unpaved trails... all done with ease. THen my gf and I began putting it through some more rigorous conditions such as sandy beach and rocky hiking trails. For the most part it performed quite well, but then one day all of a sudden during one of our hikes, the Freewheel became disengaged from where it connects to the chair. It was almost as if someone released the lever that keeps it clamped down. Thinking I might have knocked it with my foot or that maybe all the vibration popped it loose, we hooked it back up and continued on our way. Within a few minutes it had disengaged once again. We repeated this cycle 2 or 3 more times before calling it a day.

    WHen I got it home and set it up in my living room to have a look, I couldn't find anything loose or missing or anything that looked "off". All I could see was that the lever that once clamped down quite tightly could now be disengaged with very little effort.

    Here's a link to a few photos of the Freewheel connecting to the crossbar adapter. I'm pretty sure everything looks ok, but maybe someone here can see something I'm missing. And to illustrate the core issue, there are a couple videos showing how easily that lever can be disengaged.

    If there's anyone out there that has had a similar problem or that might be able see something wrong with my setup, I'd be most appreciative.

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    I lost the little plastic sleeve that goes on the inside of the front (curved) part of the clamp and that caused mine to loosen up a bit. I shortened the rear piece that hooks over the back of the footrest (by screwing it in farther) and that snugged it back up. The tighter it clamps down the harder it is to unclamp.

    Ahhhhhhh...but since you're using the folding footrest version I dunno how it tightens, guessing it is where I connects to the chair.

    The inventor is a member here, patd, I'd PM him.
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      Response from Freewheel:

      I suspect that there are some bent parts due to over tightening.

      i suspect that the rear end was set such that it was over stressed and
      that the sex bolts are bent due to the action of closing the clamp when the
      wheel was not on the tail dragger position.

      Forcing the mechanism to close when not in the tail dragged position
      especially using an adaptor which usually means more weight on the castors,
      is not how it's designed to be used and can bend the sex bolts resulting in
      an over center clamping situation that is not adequate.

      i would recommend new Barrel bolts (Part P012) and maybe short rear end (P019) and following the user

      You may order parts through our North American distributor. Here is a link to their FreeWheel parts order form.

      Not sure if I trust myself taking that lever assembly apart (or partially apart), so it's to the shop I go. I wonder if this is covered by the warranty... I can see how it could happen, but the clamping while out of taildragger position is not applicable in this case.

      *** c4/c5 incomplete *** Injured in Summer 2003 ***